Smart stethoscope for lungs

LungPass helps frontline healthcare workers reliably detect lung sounds indicative of serious respiratory conditions.

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  • Upgrade your lung auscultation process LungPass makes the core part of a patient’s examination objective, reproducible and convenient.
  • Detect acute disease in its early stages Pneumonia is the leading cause of hospitalisation for adults. A crackling sound in the lungs is one of the strongest predictors of the disease.
  • Enhance chronic conditions monitoring Oversee changes in patient’s lung sounds over time and be alerted about a substantial increase in wheezing.
  • Provide better care to the entire population LungPass precision, affordability and ease of use enable care across a variety of settings — from retail clinics to nursing homes.

«With LungPass, it is easier for me to pinpoint abnormal lung sounds, especially fine crackles.

It helps me to better triage the patients who have significant lung changes and support my decision to escalate their care to the doctor promptly to avoid deterioration.

At the same time it allows me to confidently reassure patients who have clear lung fields» 

— Nurse Practitioner


LungPass is precise and easy to use


Evaluate one's lung sounds
in 3 simple steps

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    Download the mobile app and sign in

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    Record one’s lung sounds using LungPass

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    Receive the results


Intuitive mobile app

Order LungPass
Order LungPass

Why trust LungPass?

  • For the past 4 years R&D, we’ve conducted 6 clinical studies and scientific researches in 10 different medical facilities

  • Here is the link to the latest publication at the ERJ. The study suggests that LungPass can identify patients at risk of deterioration and, possibly, guide timely administration of life-saving treatments.

  • Over 2,000 patients and 20 pulmonologists have taken part in the studies

  • LungPass has evaluated over 100,000 breathing records from our users with a high level of accuracy

LungPass — Smart
Stethoscope for Lungs

Helps frontline healthcare workers
reliably detect lung sounds indicative
of serious respiratory conditions.


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