Smart Home Stethoscope

Allows users to closely listen to their lungs without assistance and tell the difference between a simple cold and bronchitis or pneumonia

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  • Detect lung disease in its early stages In case of an illness, LungPass will determine any abnormal lung sounds and help you properly evaluate your current condition
  • Start treatment quickly before the illness advances You’ll be able to detect pneumonia as soon as possible, even if the symptoms are mild, and decide whether to visit your doctor
  • Get chronic illness under control By checking your health conditions regularly, you can spot any potential flare ups quickly and on time
  • Feel confident about the state of your lung health Keeping control of your and your family’s health means you don’t need to worry

Even those without medical experience can easily learn how to listen to their lungs

LungPass is a 100% safe medical appliance suitable for use at home. You can quickly and accurately listen to your lungs and detect any problematic lung sounds.
Avoid waiting in a doctor’s office if you don’t have to.


LungPass is simple and easy to use


Evaluate your lung health
in 3 simple steps

  • 1

    Download the mobile app and sign in

  • 2

    Record your lung sounds and answer diagnostic questions

  • 3

    Receive the results


Intuitive mobile app

Order LungPass
Order LungPass

Why trust LungPass?

  • For the past 4 years R&D, we’ve conducted 6 clinical studies and scientific researches in 10 different medical facilities

  • We’ve conducted clinical studies conforming to European MRD regulation for IIa class medical products (one of the most rigorous approaches to medical equipment testing in the world)

  • Over 2,000 patients and 20 pulmonologists have taken part in the studies

  • LungPass has evaluated over 100,000 breathing records from our users with a high level of accuracy

Pulmonology is a branch of medicine dedicated to the diagnostics and treatment of lung and respiratory illnesses.

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LungPass — Smart
Home Stethoscope

Helps detect abnormal lung sounds
and independently evaluate your
health condition in the case of illness


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