We Speak the same language
with the lungs

Lung diseases harm millions of people.
LungPass helps avoid complications and control respiratory diseases

How did we achieve this?

LungPass was created on the basis of a unique technology — a neural network, "trained" by the team of pulmonologists with many years of experience

  • Accuracy
  • Time
  • Money
  • lungpass
    • More accurate lung auscultation
    • Always available for self-examination at home
    • Save your money and time on unnecessary doctor visits
    • Human factors reduce lung auscultation accuracy
    • Not always possible to pay a visit to the doctor when needed
    • Additional costs to visit a doctor for lung examination

    LungPass — a smart stethoscope detect signs of respiratory conditions and monitor them

    • 1

      Get a special smart stethoscope

    • 2

      Install the Lung Pass app on Google Play

    • 3

      Record lung sounds, answer questions about your health

    • 4

      Find out the probable cause of your symptoms and recommendations for further actions

    LungPass — «thermometer» for the lungs

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