Control asthma
with LungPass —

smart stethoscope for monitoring and early detection of exacerbations of chronic lung diseases

Monitor your asthma more closely with LungPass
and peak flow meter at the same time

  • Asthma control

    Monitor asthma more effectively with peak expiratory flow and wheezing

  • Data analysis and storage

    Save and analyze peak flow meter data in LungPass app

Regular lung listening
With a smart stethoscope, LungPass will help:

  • Are you sure your child’s health is safe

  • You yourself can evaluate the dynamics of the disease

  • Do you understand how urgently you need to see a doctor

LungPass — device and application for home lung assessment

  • 1

    Buy a special device called LungPass in the pharmacies of the city or on our website at the link

  • 2

    Download the free LungPass app to your smartphone, install and use it to record light sounds

  • 3

    Perform auscultation and get the results of auscultation of the lungs on a smartphone

  • 4

    The application shows the result for each point: wheezing, dry bass, wet wheezing, crepitus or normal breathing

  • 5

    You get a “second opinion” from Lung Pass and make the most accurate medical decisions

LungPass — «thermometer» for the lungs

shape shape lungpass phone
Download app for free

Health made easy

  • Give your healthcare provider access to your child’s health monitoring app remotely

  • Track the dynamics of the disease, keeping daily records of sounds in the lungs for yourself and the doctor

  • Use the device for the whole family: children and adults, adding several profiles to the application