Stay calm for your baby’s health
with LungPass

condition assessment and monitoring device
respiratory diseases at home

When your child's health depends on making the right decisions

  • The child has a fever at night or on weekends

    How not to miss something serious under the guise of ARVI? Want to avoid complications and health risks for your child?

  • Want to know if the prescribed treatment helps

    Want to track treatment effectiveness between doctor visits? Are you experiencing SARS complicated by bronchitis or pneumonia? Is it important for you to understand that your child is better or notice deterioration in time?

LungPass — a smart stethoscope detect signs of respiratory conditions and monitor them

  • 1

    Get a special smart stethoscope

  • 2

    Install the Lung Pass app on Google Play

  • 3

    Record lung sounds, answer questions about your health

  • 4

    Find out the probable cause of your symptoms and recommendations for further actions

Even people with no medical background can cope with LungPass

LungPass — Smart
Stethoscope for Lungs

Helps frontline healthcare workers
reliably detect lung sounds indicative
of serious respiratory conditions.


71 $

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Making family health easier

  • Give your healthcare provider access to your child’s health monitoring app remotely

  • Track the dynamics of the disease, keeping daily records of sounds in the lungs for yourself and the doctor

  • Use the device for the whole family: children and adults, adding several profiles to the application