Control COPD exacerbations
with LungPass —

a smart stethoscope for early detection of COPD exacerbations in order to prolong the patient's life

Permanent COPD Companions

  • Cough
  • Sputum
  • Difficult
  • Weakness
    and fatigue

Each severe exacerbation of COPD, which requires hospitalization, increases the risk of patient death by almost 3 times and entails:

  • Emergency hospitalization

  • Long and expensive treatment

  • Danger to life during exacerbation

  • Reducing the life and quality of life

  • The appointment of additional drugs: bronchodilators, antibiotics, corticosteroids and other

As a rule, patients with exacerbation of COPD go to the doctor a few days after the intensification of the symptoms of the disease. However, the later a patient notices signs of worsening of his condition and consults a doctor, the more serious the consequences of an exacerbation.

LungPass helps patients with COPD to begin treatment of exacerbation in time and avoid the development of severe exacerbation,

which will slow down the progression of the disease

  • Predicting exacerbations before disease symptoms worsen

    LungPass warns of impending COPD exacerbation until the onset of clinical symptoms, and not at a time when hospitalization is indispensable

  • Health damage reduction

    Avoid severe complications and dangers to life by stopping an exacerbation at an early stage faster and with fewer drugs

  • Saving life and activity

    80% of patients with repeated hospitalizations with severe exacerbation of COPD during the year die within 5 years. Save extra years of life for a patient with COPD and help him stay active for as long as possible

With LungPass, you can not only monitor the course of COPD, but also evaluate the lung condition of all members of your family, including children over 3 years old

LungPass — «thermometer» for the lungs

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Health made easy

  • Give your healthcare provider access to your child’s health monitoring app remotely

  • Track the dynamics of the disease, keeping daily records of sounds in the lungs for yourself and the doctor

  • Use the device for the whole family: children and adults, adding several profiles to the application

LungPass will not replace a doctor, but will help distinguish colds from more serious diseases

  • It is important to consult for diagnosis with a doctor
    and undergo additional diagnostics:
    chest x-ray, blood test, etc.

  • Only a doctor has the right to prescribe treatment, taking into account the nature of the disease and individual characteristics