Stay calm for your baby’s health
with LungPass —

condition assessment and monitoring device
respiratory diseases at home

Worried about your child’s health in these situations?

  • The child has a fever at night or on weekends

    How not to miss something serious under the guise of ARVI? Want to avoid complications and health risks for your child?

  • Want to know if the prescribed treatment helps

    Want to track treatment effectiveness between doctor visits? Are you experiencing SARS complicated by bronchitis or pneumonia? Is it important for you to understand that your child is better or notice deterioration in time?

When your child's health depends on making the right decisions

  • A delay of 3-5 days in the diagnosis of pneumonia can lead to serious complications and urgent hospitalization

  • Assessing the condition of the child between doctor's appointments will allow to timely identify the lack of treatment effect and deterioration

  • It is inconvenient to call an ambulance at night, on weekends or abroad, but if the child has something serious, it is important to find out the reason as soon as possible

  • Every time you worry about how to make the right decision and not harm the child, this anxiety only increases your stress

A smart stethoscope helps you take care of your baby’s safety during respiratory illnesses

LungPass — a smart stethoscope detect signs of respiratory conditions and monitor them

  • 1

    Get a special smart stethoscope

  • 2

    Install the Lung Pass app on Google Play

  • 3

    Record lung sounds, answer questions about your health

  • 4

    Find out the probable cause of your symptoms and recommendations for further actions

Even people with no medical background can cope with LungPass

LungPass — «thermometer» for the lungs

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Making family health easier

  • Give your healthcare provider access to your child’s health monitoring app remotely

  • Track the dynamics of the disease, keeping daily records of sounds in the lungs for yourself and the doctor

  • Use the device for the whole family: children and adults, adding several profiles to the application

What Doctors and Users Say About LungPass

  • Nadezhda Kuznetsova

    My youngest daughter Christina is often sick. I used to be very worried when she started to cough. I don’t want to visit clinic every single time she coughs, but what if this is a bronchitis? Wasting of time could be such a risk. From now on, with the first symptoms, we can examine her at home. We immediately receive results and we, finally, know exactly what is going on with her.

    Nadezhda Kuznetsova , mom of two children
  •  Irina Vladimirovna Bezruchko

    It is important for chronic patients to be examined even in a stable condition in order to avoid exacerbations. LungPass allows you to do this from the comfort of your home, which helps you do it more regularly. I like that there is no self-treatment - patients send me results and receive my recommendations on time.

    Irina Vladimirovna Bezruchko , Pulmonologist
  • Oleg Sisoev

    I have been diagnosed with a grade two COPD. For several years I regularly ought to go to visit a doctors with the slightest flu symptoms, because an exacerbations is so dangerous for me. Now I “listen” my lungs myself, and go to doctor only if I have serious troubles with my breath.

    Oleg Sisoev , patient with COPD