LungPass — a smart
stethoscope for your lungs

Detects serious respiratory diseases. Monitor the status of patients
with COPD, asthma

What problems will LungPass help with

  • Monitoring chronic diseases will help avoid serious exacerbations that shorten life

  • Helps detect serious respiratory diseases in a timely manner

  • It will help correctly assess your condition in case of illness and consult a doctor on time

  • It will help avoid complications associated with untimely visits to the doctor

Even people with no medical background can cope with LungPass

LungPass — a smart stethoscope detect signs of respiratory conditions and monitor them

  • 1

    Get a special smart stethoscope

  • 2

    Install the Lung Pass app on Google Play

  • 3

    Record lung sounds, answer questions about your health

  • 4

    Find out the probable cause of your symptoms and recommendations for further actions

Why can LungPass lung condition tests be trusted?

  • Studies involving more than 2,000 patients over 2 years under the supervision of the Department of Pulmonology and Physiology of BelMAPO

  • Determines a possible disease based on sounds in the lungs and a questionnaire compiled with the symptoms of the most common respiratory diseases.

  • Experienced pulmonologists with many years of experience “trained” the neural network to correctly recognize sounds in the lungs

Pulmonology is a section of medicine dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract

LungPass will not replace a doctor, but will help distinguish colds from more serious diseases

  • It is important to consult for diagnosis
    with a doctor and undergo additional diagnostics:
    chest x-ray, blood test, etc.

  • Only a doctor has the right to prescribe treatment, taking into account the nature of the disease and individual characteristics

LungPass — «thermometer» for the lungs

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