Our mission
save lives
100 000 000

Overdue diagnosis and untimely treatment increase the likelihood of deaths
LungPass helps save lives through timely detection of serious lung diseases

  • Respiratory diseases 2nd cause of death in the world

  • 6 million people die every year from chronic respiratory diseases

  • Pneumonia is the main cause of infant mortality from infectious diseases

  • More than 250 million people live with COPD

How it all began

Imagine that your one-year-old daughter coughs violently for several weeks.

You take her to the clinic, there is prescribed a strong antibiotic.

However, you are afraid to give aggressive medicine to such a little baby.

You are going to another doctor. You find out from him that the wet wheezing in the lungs that the first specialist heard was due to the fact that before visiting the clinic, sputum fell into the got into the bronchi.

As a result, treatment does without antibiotics, but your nerves are pretty battered.

This situation happened to me, after which my husband and I came up with the idea to create a device that will help doctors and patients overcome the barrier of hearing loss and make the diagnosis of diseases more accurate!

Helena Binetskayaм

CEO, CO-Founder Helena Binetskaya

We created LungPassto extend life
and improve its quality

  • Anxiety reduction

    You know exactly when everything is all right with you, your children or relatives, and when you need to urgently see a doctor

  • Lower medical costs

    Having assessed the severity at an early stage of the disease and started treatment in a timely manner, the patient avoids the development of complications and the need for difficult and expensive treatment in a hospital

  • Remote monitoring

    With LungPass, patients can send lung sounds to their doctor without having to go for repeated appointments, if everything is in order

  • Proven Efficiency

    More than 2 years of clinical research LungPass. We cooperate with the Department of Pulmonology and Phthisiology of BELMAPO. All research results in the public domain

Our team


Medical team


  • NHS
  • BelMAPO
  • Beurer
  • Medtech Innovator
  • Decree of the Prime Minister of Belarus on assistance in organizing clinical trials

  • Quality management certificate ISO 13485: 2016

  • Registration certificate of the Medical device of the Republic of Belarus

  • Nadezhda Kuznetsova

    My youngest daughter Christina is often sick. I used to be very worried when she started to cough. I don’t want to visit clinic every single time she coughs, but what if this is a bronchitis? Wasting of time could be such a risk. From now on, with the first symptoms, we can examine her at home. We immediately receive results and we, finally, know exactly what is going on with her.

    Nadezhda Kuznetsova , mom of two children
  •  Irina Vladimirovna Bezruchko

    It is important for chronic patients to be examined even in a stable condition in order to avoid exacerbations. LungPass allows you to do this from the comfort of your home, which helps you do it more regularly. I like that there is no self-treatment - patients send me results and receive my recommendations on time.

    Irina Vladimirovna Bezruchko , Pulmonologist
  • Oleg Sisoev

    I have been diagnosed with a grade two COPD. For several years I regularly ought to go to visit a doctors with the slightest flu symptoms, because an exacerbations is so dangerous for me. Now I “listen” my lungs myself, and go to doctor only if I have serious troubles with my breath.

    Oleg Sisoev , patient with COPD